Outsmarting My Body


First day doing the “Super Juice Me” / “Reboot”


Part I:  My journey (you can skip this of course)

I couldn’t believe it!  I did my first day of 28 days and I lost 2 lbs.!  That is exactly what motivates the most. I started with SparkPeople and still use their website for tracking and inspiration.  Chris has done an amazing job, and he does it all just to help all people who want to lose weight.

That is how I lost my first 10 pounds, however only after I tweaked the calories I was eating after not losing on the recommended amount of calories. I realized that most statistic is based on younger people so I lowered my intake.  But there I hit a plateau.

I reached my first goal of 20 pounds using Jorge Cruise (I loved his 2 minute cakes in a cup). The 2 minute cake in a cup helped me let go of my sugar addiction. Without this step I would not be where I am now.  Thank you Jorge! But again I hit a plateau and after awhile I stopped completely and thankfully only gained back 5 pounds.  I just knew all my body wanted was to keep money in the bank.  I know that feeling, you hate to take out of your savings.  So I knew I would just have to find another method to trick my body into letting go again.

I read all the books I could find, and they did help..somewhat, but then again my body put a stop to it after awhile. This list is too long to mention but they all pointed to eating organic, read labels, most were plant based, and all were inspiring.

Next larger loss I reached listening to Jon Gabriel’s visualizations.  Of course I knew that losing (and gaining) is all in your head and I lost another 20 pounds reaching a total of 35 pounds from my heaviest weight. I am now officially in the normal weight bracket. I love his visualizations and he is such a calm guru type of a man, you have to love him.  But again, my next plateau had arrived.  Again!  I guess my body is more stubborn than I thought!

Now my new strategy.  I have watched Fat, sick, and nearly Dead from Joe Cross, and Super Juice Me from Jason Vale.  I thought this could work and in addition help my joints.  I have arthritis since I  the age of 20 and I am an expert on ignoring it (which really works!).  Once in awhile it flares up to a level that is more uncomfortable for me to the point I can’t ignore it anymore.  I know that losing weight will help the joints and the pain.  After watching the Super Juice Me, I knew this would help both my weight and my pain.

But I wasn’t committed yet.  I wanted to start, I had gone to Costco to buy organic greens and fruits to begin.  However, I didn’t want to tell anyone!!  I was setting myself up for failure by leaving the back door open.  That was until my daughter called and said she was going to do the 28 day super juice me!  I screamed inside for joy!  Me too! I told her.  She is under a lot of pressure at work so she changed her goal to 7 days.  I think go for it!  Just putting your toes into the water takes away the fears you might have to dive in.

Part II:  Now you can start reading, I am starting Day 1!

June 19, 2015, I started, and didn’t let little details get in my way.  I substituted pineapple with frozen berries, I had the morning shot with ginger with orange juice and a piece of pear.  I didn’t find organic apples at Costco so I had to substitute. Later I did find organic apples at Trader Joe’s. I had the morning shot at 6 am, then at 9 I made the thin juice, 11 am at Pomegranate Cafe another healthy juice, and around 5:30 pm I had the thick juice (smoothie) with green juice, blended with avocado and frozen berries.  Not exactly to plan but I am not going to be OCD about this and just do it anyway.

Day 2

Happy dance and big smilie face!  I lost 2 pounds, the first in a long long long time.  Of course there is that nagging voice saying, “it might not last, so don’t get too excited.”  But I am excited and hopeful!  I believe that the least someone lost in 28 days was 10 pounds, but many lost 18.  But heck, I will take what I get.  That would bring me half way home to my goal of 20 pounds, which is still 10 pounds more than my college weight (the first time I went to college).  I have it in my mind that if I were to weigh ten pounds more than the weight I had in college I would feel so much better. I am now in size 8 but I want to wear size 6!  After seeing the 2 pounds I finally got so hopeful that I took some “before” pictures.  I thought I have to have a comparison, but I didn’t notice that my undies did not hide enough.  I will go redo the pictures in shorts so I could post them.  Who wants to see a 68 year old in bikini pants?  Not even myself. Wish me luck today, yesterday was easy but I had a wonderful day with a friend that distracted me, we were at Pomegranate Cafe which serves organic food and Juices (who does that?). Today I don’t have plans but since it was so easy yesterday, I am positive I can do this.  I need momentum in case “THE” day comes.  The one where your body gives a hard fight before giving in.  We will see if I have those difficult days or not.  Some people glide right over the first week.  I can too!